Politics in Privacy


The privacy policy set out below is intended to regulate how SNSL – SHOP – PING NETWORK SYSTEM, Lda. "SNSL") treats the personal data collected through this website – www.shoppingnetworksystem.com:

1. Registration and personal data collected: the data recipient: SNSL – SHOPPING NETWORK SYSTEM, Lda. Promotes through this website its activities and means of training and the events organized by it, being necessary in view of its use by ( name, e-
mail address, mobile phone number), as well as, for billing purposes, the respective address and the number of the taxpayer;

2. The use of the website itself will result in data arising from and associated with such use (for example, the courses and events attended, the books and courses acquired, the promotions made), also covered by this privacy policy ;

3. Collection and purpose of the data: data collection is done through the registration made on this website, with such data destined for communication with the User, the direct promotion of training resources (online and offline) and events to be organized by SNSL, enrollment in said training and events, processing of the sale of training articles,  namely books and courses, as well as their invoicing and statistical analysis. The legal basis for the collection and processing of personal data for enrollment in such training and events, for the processing of the sale of training articles and for invoicing is necessary for the purposes of concluding contracts and their execution, as well as for the compliance with the legal obligations to which SNSL is subject. The legal basis for the collection and processing of personal data for the direct promotion of the training media (online and offline) and events to be organized by SNSL, as well as for the performance of statistical analysis, is the consent of the User.

4. The mentioned direct promotion will be made to the User through this website (or through other communication channels: electronic mail, SMS, MMS, telephone);

5. Consent: when registering, the User consents to the use of personal data for the aforementioned purposes;

6. Recipient of data: SNSL – SHOPPING NETWORK SYSTEM, Lda ..

7. Responsible for the processing of data: SNSL – SHOPPING NETWORK SYSTEM, Lda. Is the entity responsible for processing the data collected through the said registration;

8. SNSL does not commercialize or transmit, without prior consent, the data to third parties, except if it is based on legal requirements;

9. SNSL does not carry out or promote its activity among children under the age of 16;

10. Security, confidentiality and adequacy: in the collection and subsequent processing and storage of data, SNSL seeks to guarantee its security and confidentiality through a  secure server located in Portugal, with SSL protocol and circumscribing access to data security keys and other organizational measures, aiming at an appropriate treatment and limited to what is
necessary in view of the aforementioned purposes. Only SNSL will have access to the data, through its administrators, employees and employees, in view of the aforementioned treatment purposes;

11. If, despite SNSL's efforts (translated into those security measures ), there is a possible involuntary security breach, which may involve unwanted access to data by third parties (violation of personal data ), in cases where such violation results in a high risk for the rights and freedoms of the User, SNSL will inform the User of the following, without undue delay and after knowing and determining the cause of the failure, to the electronic address indicated by the Registry : the nature of the breach, its likely consequences , the measures taken to remedy or mitigate its effects and the contact from which further information may be obtained;

12. The User has the right to information and access to personal data, its updating , rectification, deletion and portability, as well as to request the limitation of the treatment and to oppose it, in accordance with the law;

13. Given the need for the personal data collected for the purposes of using this website, SNSL will keep such data as long as the User keeps its registration active and does not cancel its subscription and registration on the website, without prejudice to the conservation necessary for the fulfillment of legal obligations or for the exercise of rights by SNSL.

14. You also have the right to file a complaint against SNSL with regard to data protection with a supervisory authority. In Portugal, this control is the responsibility of the National Data Protection Commission.

15. The contact of SNSL, for the exercise of the aforementioned rights and for clarification of questions regarding the privacy policy and the processing of personal data of the User, is the following electronic address: dp@shoppingnetworksystem.com.

16. The User has the right to cancel his subscription and registration, through the functionality available on the website to "unsubscribe", and may request the deletion of his personal data, after verification by the SNSL that there are no legitimate interests prevailing, by request addressed to the following e-mail address: dp@shoppingnetworksystem.com.

17. This website may contain advertising and other content linked to third-party web sites. The content of such links is not controlled by SNSL, which is not responsible for such content or the procedures followed by those websites, terms in which the
interaction and navigation in these are governed by its policies and procedures, to which SNSL is extraneous;

18. This website uses cookies – small files placed on the user's computer via the browser – in order to identify and recognize previous accesses, aiming at a better navigation, adapting it to the preferences of the User and in view of statistical
treatments . Cookies can be deactivated in the browser settings used, which may however affect the operation and use of the website. By using this website without changing the browser settings regarding cookies, the User expressly agrees to use

19. The present privacy policy may be subject to eventual changes, with a view to updating and adapting it, and the User is advised to consult periodically;

20. Last updated: 24 May 2018